what's cookin' good-lookin'

Today I have just been baking all over the place. I'd already planned on making banana bread, see, and I figured I'd make some lemon thyme bars while I was at it. Then I was like, hey, since I already have all the baking supplies out, I might as well make some rosemary chocolate chip shortbread too. The banana bread was the only one of the three that I'd actually made before, so it definitely turned out the best. The shortbread is coming along nicely, but I had to add a lot of extra butter to hold it together. And the lemon bars were a bit of a frakkup on my end as I used the wrong pan. But they still taste good to me—not that my taste buds are very discerning—so I shan't have any problem eating them up. In fact by tomorrow I predict that we shall have naught but a loaf of banana bread left. Because last time I made shortbread I ate the entire batch by myself.

I'd take pictures but frankly that is far more effort than I am willing to make.

But omg guys you really need to try these. Here are the recipes:
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come fly with me let's fly let's fly away

LOOK AT ME UPDATING. Thanks, TQC, for reminding me that I actually have a journal and that just because I haven't posted in it since February doesn't mean it's not there.

So I got a job! Well not really. It's all voluntary and I'm not getting paid for it or anything. So not a job. But a way to occupy my time! That's right folks, I'm actually going to leave the house. On a regular basis.

It's at the Air Zoo, the local aviation museum. I'm going to be doing something exciting like answering the phone or working at the reception desk. Oh, and since I am apparently insane, I also signed up for docent classes. So in two months, I will be fit and able to docent. That should be interesting.

Also, I made two batches of scones today. I am just a regular...doer. Of things. Impressive, isn't it.

Coming up next: My trip to Russia.

of inevitable tooth decay and teen sensations


seriously this is possibly even worse than the Tic-Tac thing

also, I think I am having some sort of crisis which involves me realizing that I might like Justin Bieber
like, not his music obviously, but as a person

I am just riddled with issues

first post of the year


I'm just updating for the sake of updating because I haven't posted an entry since November and I wanted to feel marginally less lame.

On that note, I will be updating my Twitter more frequently because it requires a lot less effort. So go check it out if you are that intensely bored.

look at this stuff, isn't it neat?

So today we were at some family friends' church bazaar, and the daughter, an old friend of mine from when we were little, had a stand there. She was selling all this cool stuff she made. I was just admiring this chair

(which I haven't entirely decided not to steal, by the way), when her boyfriend came in with The Table.

It's this cute little end table that she painted. I saw it a couple years ago at her grad party when they were displaying her artsy-fartsy stuff, and of course I loved it. And today, it was for sale! So my mom sees me drooling over it, and says, "Hey, I love this thing too, how 'bout I buy it for you?" Well, not in those words. But you know what I mean.

So now, it is miiine.

Thanks, mum.

ohemgee ~makeover~

So this post is a few days late but I finally got a haircut!

Before & After:

Which you've probably already seen since basically my entire flist is from TQC.

I also did my nails which I know is of even less import but considering just how terrible I am at doing my nails I thought they turned out pretty well:

ummm idk what else to say

so long and thanks for all the fish

So school starts in a week and I, as usual, am working myself up into a tizzy for no good reason. I mean, really, I don't think community college is worth panicking over, but that's not stopping me. I still have to go in and get my ID and figure out where my classes are and get my books and all that good stuff.

I'm taking Russian, College Algebra, and Intro to Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice this semester. So that should be fun. A bunch of completely unrelated subjects that will most likely have nothing to do with any sort of career I go into. Eh. I'm making this all up as I go along.

Now I'm wishing I'd made the most of summer while I could. Think of all those yummy, sunny days I missed out on, cooped up inside with my computer. Well done, self.

Well, I better hit the sack. But not literally, because what good would that do?

So until next time, love, luck, and lollipops.

And note to self: DON'T PANIC

the television has eaten my life

I am officially in love with Auggie Anderson.

Okay, maybe I should back up just a wee bit or two. Tonight the new USA series Covert Affairs premiered. Was it good? Darn tootin' it was.

The main character, CIA greenhorn Annie Walker, is played by the lovely Piper Perabo, and once I stopped expecting her to slip into a British accent and start screaming for Luce, she was pretty cool. And just plain pretty. Then there were some other people, including Annie's boss, who is supposedly named "Joan" but is clearly Nate's ex-wife Maggie, so I will from now on think of her as such. Amber the Cut-Throat Bitch is Annie's sister. And apparently Mohinder's going to be joining the cast too. Also, I'm pretty sure the reporter lady was once a werewolf, but that is neither here nor there.

And then there was Auggie. Auggie, Auggie, Auggie. The awesomely awesome blind techie. I already liked this guy from the previews, but I had no idea he would be this great. He's at least sixty-three percent of the reason I set a series recording for this show on the DVR.

For those of you who don't know me--basically, anyone reading this--my life has come to revolve around television shows. While this is most certainly unhealthy and pathetic, it does keep my entertained. And while my regular shows have ended for the season, my summer shows are all just getting started. Let's hear it for cable networks.

There's Leverage, which is a few weeks in and is already full of hijinks and capers and pretzels (♥!!). Also Drop Dead Diva, which I probably shouldn't admit to watching but do anyway. The Glades looks like it might have potential. And White Collar finally started back up again tonight, too, and that was quite spiffy indeed. (I was certainly pleased with that--I have missed darling Neal and Peter.)

But possibly most important is Psych, the fifth season of which kicks off tomorrow (well, technically today). FINALLY. I absolutamentally love that show. I actually just bought the first three seasons, which is actually quite a big deal, because I never buy DVDs. Seriously. I don't own too many as it is, and I'm pretty sure this is the first time I've actually bought them for myself instead of receiving them as gifts. I love the show that much. In fact, I might even go so far as to say it is my favorite show. Say whaaaat.

So, while most may say that I need to lay off the tube and get a real life, I say that...well, actually, I would say that too. But I would also say that it's looking to be a pretty good summer.